Art Show Review and Photo Gallery


Kaley Weil ’16 – AP Studio Art

Britt Jacobson


With live jazz music and a multitude of parents, teachers and students, Milken’s 2016 Art Show opened last night. This unique showcase holds hundreds of pieces of art from 7-12 graders at Milken Community Schools. Among the many art classes represented are Architecture, AP Art Studio, Design Arts, Photography, Sculpture and Fashion Design.

Here is a sampling of artwork from the show:

Putting art pieces in the show is the culmination of these many art classes at Milken. Countless hours of hard work and dedication resulted in an entire gymnasium filled to the brim with art. This includes hard work on the part of the students who prepared dozens of pieces, the teachers who spent an infinite amount of hours at Lishma, and “the cooperation of many departments, individuals and entities on campus,” says Visual Arts Department Chair Peter Walker. “Without their help, it would not be possible.”

Equally important to this “massive undertaking” are the visitors. The show will be open until May 20th and since “every student on campus either participates or knows a friend who does,” chances are you’ll be able to appreciate the work of someone you know. When parents and friends come after school-hours to view this exhibition, it is clear that the show “truly is a community celebration.