Tara Beiser ’11: Co-Spotlight Artist

From a young age, Tara Beiser ’11 has been involved in art, having been encouraged by her mother’s artistic pursuits. Her most recent pieces are currently on display in the Smith Family Library until November 17.

As an AP Art student, Beiser’s concentration is dance. In her art, she focuses on the movement of dancers while trying to capture their technique and their ability to appear weightless. Beiser has been able to successfully portray the awe and grace incorporated in dance while creating an illusion of muscle tonality.

“It is very exciting to see Tara’s progress because I was able to spot her potential 6 years ago, when I taught her in middle school,” Ms. Dori Kulwin, visual arts department head, said. “She has incorporated a combination of her love of dance with Degas’ style into her art. Tara is using this specific subject as her guide, which will take her on a journey of exploring color and technique in new ways.”

As well as working hard at school, Beiser attends oil painting classes at the Brentwood Art Center, where she has discovered her passion for painting animals. The uniqueness of each animal is portrayed in her paintings by the way each emanates a different character.

The influence of art in her life will carry her out of high school, into college, and beyond.

In terms of college, Beiser plans to apply to big schools with strong art programs. She hopes to stay in the field of art by studying computer graphics.

“Art allows me to express myself freely and creatively through the various strokes I use, the different mediums of art, and through the varied emotions of my subject matter,” she said.  “My favorite part of art is when I complete a piece. I love the satisfaction  because I know that all of my hard work in striving to make my pieces look realistic and detailed paid off.”

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