Senior Q+A: Adam Mokhtarzadeh

Senior Q+A: Adam Mokhtarzadeh

Lauren Mokhtarzadeh

Staff Writer

The Q+A: two students, one teacher, each month. This month we sat down with senior Adam Mokhtarzadeh.

Favorite Video Game: NBA 2K16

Favorite TV Show as a Child: Friends

Most Watched Movie: Star Wars

Best Experience at Milken: Mr. Ahad’s class or Mr. Lawrence’s class

Milken in one word: Kehillah

Favorite Class at Milken: Economics with Mr. Bloom

Mario or Luigi: Mario (yaaa-hooo)

Celebrity that you would take to prom: Emily Ratajkowski

Favorite Milken Trend: BMW M3 Berroo

Kanye or Drake: Both

Favorite Song: Runaway- Galantis

Israeli or Persian food: Israeli

Favorite thing about being a Senior: Second Semester

Funniest hebrew word: Kehillah

Ultimate Milken Teacher Homie: Lawrence/Bloom/Ahad

Favorite teacher quote: “Study hard and study often” and “My weekend was just like me, short and sweet” – Mr. Lawrence