AIPAC 2016


Lauren Pakravan

Staff Writer

From March 20th to March 22nd, eighteen Milken students had the opportunity to attend the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC. Students gathered at the Convention Center and participated in sessions to learn more about ISIS, The Middle East, and conflicts going on in Israel. The sessions featured amazing speakers both in large auditoriums filled with hundreds of people, and in smaller more intimate venues. At the Convention Center, there were many people, food stands, and booths with different activities.

On Sunday night, 18,000 supporters gathered at the Verizon Center to hear Vice President Joe Biden speak about Israel. Many people were not satisfied with what they heard, and decided to walk out. Monday morning, Hillary Clinton spoke strongly about what she hopes to accomplish if elected. In the afternoon, all three Republican candidates spoke. John Kasich, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz all grabbed the audience’s attention with their goals for the relationship between the US and Israel. Each candidate sent waves of excitement throughout the crowd.

This was an opportunity for Milken students to become better advocates for Israel.“I’ve never experienced anything like AIPAC,” explains Britt Jacobson ‘17. “There is no universal Israel advocate, you’re exposed to so many opinions on so many topics.”

Milken will continue to send students every year to become more educated and stronger advocates. Being able to participate in AIPAC allows students to become informed on important issues and hear valuable speakers.