Skirball Parking Lot to Reopen Next Year


Michael Schulman

Staff Writer

Milken drivers, the day has come. The Skirball Cultural Center has come to an agreement with Milken to let members of our community use their parking lot below the High School campus. The Skirball Parking lot will be opened to the Milken community during the 2016-2017 school year. The Skirball parking lot was a beloved treasure of the Milken student body due to its close proximity to campus and roomy parking spots. Yes underclassman, there was once a time when Milken students did not need to take buses or shuttles to get to school after parking their cars. Students could simply walk up a flight of stairs from the Skirball parking lot and not have to take a bus.

The Milken administration is ecstatic to announce that they are able to accommodate the students and give them what they desire. Allison Smith, Head of Transportation at Milken told the Roar, “We know how important it is for our students to be able to park as close as possible to school, and not be shuttled daily.” The old Skirball parking lot rules will also be making their way back to Milken. Smith said, “Drivers must be over 17 and have at least two other Milken students in their vehicle.” On top of these driving rules, students will be expected to treat the guards of the Skirball lot with respect and courtesy or their pass will be revoked. Milken students know the drill.

There will be a grand opening ceremony for the Skirball parking lot. Mr. Weiserman will use chain cutters to cut the massive chain locking the gate from the High School to the precious Skirball lot. There will also be a raffle contest. The lucky winner of the raffle will receive a parking spot for the whole year for free! Free is not a word uttered often on the Milken campus, so the administration hopes students take advantage of this opportunity.

The full details as to how Milken was able to make a deal with the Skirball Center are still unknown. However, there are rumors that Milken engaged in a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors.’ Honestly, no one really cares how the agreement was made. All that matters is that the beloved Skirball lot will be filled with tired, somewhat happy, and caffeine filled teenagers as they head off to school next year.