Milken Community College


Samantha Behar

Co-Spotlight Editor

Starting in the fall of 2016, Milken will open up its very own community college. The new program will allow for students to remain at Milken for two years after graduation and earn an associate’s degree.

“We look forward to becoming the best Jewish community college in the country, and making the best community college in the country a Jewish one,” said Head of School Gary Weisserman in his speech to Milken’s board last week.

The class of 2016 will be the first class invited to attend the community college. They will be allowed to choose from a variety of classes based on their interests. Students at the community college will have a very flexible schedule. They will choose their own hours and days. Unlike the middle and high school students who attend school from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, the college students can choose to start school whenever they please and only have to take classes three days a week. Since the college students will be attending less school than they did in high school, tuition will be dropped to $15,500.

Until further renovations are made at the high school, the community college will be held in trailers next to the West Lot. There will be shuttles to and from Milken’s main campus throughout the day so the college students can have access to the gym and theatre. Milken plans to eventually add a fourth floor to its campus that will serve as the community college.

While Milken Community College is more expensive than other community colleges in the area, it offers services to its students that aren’t available anywhere else. Wise Internships will focus on finding students paid internships that they will maintain throughout their time in community college. Students will choose a field of interest and will commit 20 hours a week to gaining valuable work experience and to creating connections in the workforce.

Milken Community College has also created deals that ensure its students’ acceptances to excellent four year universities throughout America. The University of Southern California will take 100% of Milken Community College graduates and 75% of students who apply after only one year. University of California at Los Angeles and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor will take Milken Community College graduates who earn over a 2.5 unweighted GPA.

“Milken Community College will make our jobs a lot easier,” Mr. Jordan Moss, MCC’s college counselor, explained. With the college process getting increasingly competitive, it is difficult for every student to get into their dream school. Milken Community College will form connections with Milken students’ favorite schools, which will make transferring to these universities a real possibility for all types of students.

High school students will still be able choose to attend a different university or community college if that is their preference. Mr. Moss said, “Our mission is to find the perfect school for each student. If Milken Community College isn’t the perfect fit for a student, then that’s okay!” High schoolers will still be assigned a college counselor and take college counseling during their junior and senior years.

Milken Community College will hopefully take some of the pressure off high schoolers to get into four year universities. Lila Hanish ‘17 admitted that, “With all the craziness of the college process, it’s nice to know Milken Community College is an option.” We look forward to seeing Milken Community College become a reality!