“Urinetown” Premiering Next Week


Image courtesy of milkenschool.org

Sophia Ghadoushi

Staff Writer

The cast of Milken’s latest musical, Urinetown, is coming to the stage next week, taking us to a town with a terrible drought, which has led to a city-wide ban on private toilets. Since there is not enough water in the city for people to have their own toilets, they have to use “public amenities” to do their business. Making it worse, a single company has taken over the amenities in the town and misuses its authority by charging high fees for usage of the facilities. With the corrupt police backing up the company, one man decides he has had enough and there needs to be change. According to Mr. Menna, “The show will have the look of Post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles (e.g., after an earthquake and water riots)… Broken Rodeo Drive street sign, Hollywood sign, etc.” Lead roles of the satirical play includes Sawyer Kroll ‘17 as Bobby Strong, Hannah Lande ‘18 as Hope Cladwell, Noam Fields-Meyer ‘16 as Officer Lockstock, Jaime Monsher ‘16 as Mr. Cladwell, Jenna Fink ‘16 as Ms. Pennywise, and Alexis Ribakoff ‘17 as Little Sally. 

Full cast list includes:

Alexis Ribakoff ‘17

Brandon Ptasznik ‘17

Clarissa Brock ‘18

Ethan Eliafan ‘17

Hannah Lande ‘18

Hannah Safer-Brickman ‘19

Jaime Monsher ‘16

Jenna Fink ‘16

Jillian Stern ‘18

Johnny Stanman ‘17

Jonah Cohen ‘17

Kayla Mossanen ‘16

Lexi Freund ‘17

Max Ptasznik ‘19

Megan Larian ‘19

Noam Fields-Meyer ‘16

Raphi Eidelman ‘19

Sarah Markus ‘16

Sawyer Kroll ‘17

Sam Bloom ‘18

Sydney Shepard ‘19

The musical, Urinetown, directed by Mr. Robert Menna, will take place on Tuesday (3/22), Thursday (3/24), Sunday (3/27), and Monday (3/28) at 7:00pm. All performances will take place at the Upper School’s theater. Tickets can be found at www.milkenschool.org/shows. For further information on Urinetown, feel free to contact director Mr. Menna ([email protected]), musical director Mr. Shepard ([email protected]), or technical director Mr. Byrne ([email protected]).

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