Hop On, Hop Off: Milken’s Bus System


Mira Berenbaum and Samantha Behar

Staff Writer and Co-Spotlight Editor

Many Milken students go through their high school careers completely unaware of Milken’s transportation system and its benefits. The Roar, with help from the Transportation Director Allison Smith, has decided to answer some questions to help students get accustomed to the Milken bus system.

Where do the buses go?

Milken offers five different bus routes that run through both Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley: Wilshire East, Wilshire West, Ventura East, Ventura West, and Sunset. Check out the resource board on myMilken for a list of all the stops these buses make.

When do the buses leave?

Morning pick up ranges from 6:30-7:00 a.m. depending on the stop and route. The buses depart Milken at 3:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., so students participating in extracurriculars can ride the buses as well.

How much does it cost to ride the bus?

Students who plan on riding the bus for the entire year pay $1,315 for round-trip service or $795 for one way rides. However, if a student only wants to ride the bus for the day, they only have to pay $15 for a day pass. This pass can be purchased up to five minutes before the bus departs.

Why is the bus useful?

The bus system is perfect for students with hectic schedules. When a student needs to stay for lishma last minute, the student can purchase a day pass up to five minutes prior to departure and get a safe ride home. Also, for students in student driven carpools, the bus can be useful if the student driver has to leave early or stay late.

It is also helpful for students going somewhere after school. One of the stops is right by Sinai Akiba Academy. Since many Milken students have siblings who attend this school, it could save parents from having to drive to pick up all their children. Another useful stop is the one at Wilshire and Bedford, right near Beverly Dr. This stop could be helpful for students who live in Beverly Hills or enjoy hanging out with their friends there after school. The Wilshire East Bus is usually packed on Friday afternoon with Milken students headed to Beverly Drive. The Ventura East Bus has become popular with the recent addition of the Sherman Oaks Galleria bus stop.

Lastly, taking the bus cuts down on air pollution and traffic. The buses will be running no matter what, so by students taking the bus, there will be decrease in air pollution. Taking the bus shortens the line on Mullholland to get into Milken a very convenient way to get to and from school each day.

So next time you have a complicated schedule, need to go to a particular location, or want to cut down on air pollution and traffic, try taking one of the five bus routes at Milken.