New girls’ softball team to debut this spring

The Milken sports program will have added a new sport to its collection this spring, with the addition of the girls’ softball team. Talia Knobel ’11 and Talia Malkin ’11 have organized this new program, which will be the first since Milken’s 1991 championship team.

Coach Barbara Iversen, girls’ varsity basketball coach and Head of Aquatics, will coach the team. There are currently 18 girls signed up, four of whom have been playing for several years. In preparation for this season, Knobel and Malkin trained with several girls last spring.

Many details regarding the logistics of the team are still under discussion. One of the main decisions to be made is whether the team will compete against other schools, or compete as a club team.  This will be determined after the roster is set. The decision whether to play club or league will also depend on the number of experienced players who sign up.

Either way, Knobel and Malkin both hope to produce a pioneering team that will be sustained after they graduate.  As of now, seniors make up a significant percentage of the team, so the hope is that the current team will draw enough interest from underclassmen.

In the long run, Knobel hopes to see the Milken softball program as a full team, competing in a strong division. In this way, both she and Malkin hope to leave their legacy at Milken.

“We’ve put a lot of time into this to make it work, and we hope to see it follow through successfully,” Malkin said.