Tu Bishvat


Lauren Pakravan

Staff Writer 

On Sunday January 24th it was Tu Bishvat. However, most students at Milken aren’t aware of this holiday. Tu Bishvat is the new year for trees and gives us an opportunity to refocus on God’s creations. Tu Bishvat has come to be associated with sensitivity and an appreciation of the natural environment. Trees occupy a special place in Jewish thought.

On Monday January 25th, there was a picnic by the farm, on the second floor patio of the fourth building during lunch in honor of Tu Bishvat. Ms. Kattler suggested, “The Milken community can celebrate this holiday in a variety of ways that lean toward ecology and food justice. For those interested in environmental issues they can join the environmental club which provides a lot of opportunities to learn and move this school in a more environmentally friendly way. Yozma Greening is tasked with issues of growing the Urban Farm on campus, and the food raised is donated to local homeless shelters.”

But why does this holiday so often go neglected? As a community we should care for Tu Bishvat. After all, trees are all around us in our environment. Today, if a tree is not given proper care, it will die.  We should remember to always appreciate our surroundings, and Tu Bishvat allows us to spend time focusing on God’s creations.