Water Conservation Rap Battle

Water Conservation Rap Battle

Staff Writer

Jamie Weisenberg

During Oneg on Friday, January 22nd, Yozma Global and J Life hosted a water conservation event. Teaching people about the global water crisis, the groups handed out fact sheets with astonishing statistics. For example, 663 million people (1 in 10) lack access to safe water and by 2050 1 in 5 developing countries will face water shortages. They also included tips on how to save water, such as taking shorter showers and turning off the sink when brushing your teeth.

But, of course, what is a good Milken event without a twist? According to Naomi Gluck ‘16, one of the Yozma group leaders, to “draw people and encourage them to learn more about the problem we served fresh fruit, had a photobooth, and hosted a rap battle”. At the photobooth people pledged to use less water. Mr. Voltz and Dr. Scoville battled it out about water conservation, but both came out defeated by Michael Nourafshan ‘16. Jaime Monsher ‘16, Jonah Cohen ‘17, and Michael’s cousin Josh Nourafshan ‘16 participated in the battle as well. Natalie Pashaie ‘16, the organizer of the rap battle, felt that “the event turned out great! People not only showed up in support for the rap battle and photobooth but were also interested in the facts”. When asked why they choose a rap battle as the main event, Natalie responded saying, “I think that rapping is a fun way for people to express themselves and I knew it was a way to draw Milken students to the event because rap is a popular genre that Milken students listen to”. Overall, the event was a success and spread the word about water conservation. 

Click the link to see Mr. Voltz and Dr. Scoville rap battle it out: Rap Battle