Social Action: Where Resolutions Meet Reality

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Natalie Pashaie


It is no secret that Milken students are deeply involved in serving their communities through numerous social action projects. There are, however, many students who struggle with the concept of “community service hours.”

Earning a particular number of hours each year is a requirement for graduation from Milken Community Schools. Our school has a vast array of student clubs and is affiliated with countless organizations. With so many service opportunities available to students both on-campus and off, it is surprising to see so many panic about not knowing how to earn their hours. The Roar spoke with several Milken Students who are not only involved in organizations they adore, but are fulfilling their community service requirements as well. It is never too late to get involved in social action, and the start of the new year as well as the shift in semester pose no better time than now to adopt new interests and seize opportunities.

Opportunities of involvement mentioned in the video include Fashion With Compassion, Milken Mentors, volunteering at the Veteran’s Hospital, Koreh LA, YOZMA, and Freedom School. For more information on community service, be sure to contact Ms. Wendy Ordower, a director of Service Learning at Milken.

Watch the video below to learn about a variety of ways you can achieve your hours and get involved today.