The Backgammon Club


Natalie Ahdoot

Staff Writer 

Have you heard about the new backgammon club at Milken this year? You may not have heard about this exciting and engaging club. The club was founded by Ryan Ghodsian ‘17, Samson Isaacson ‘17, and Kian Zar ‘17. The founders have a deep appreciation of backgammon and an intense passion for playing it, so they decided to start a club where others can bond by playing the game.

Don’t know how to play backgammon? This club, believe it or not, is the best way for you to learn. The founders of the club and other great players can teach you how to play backgammon. After all, the best way to learn is to practice.

With monthly lunch meetings, you can come together with your friends and play the game. After playing just a few times, you will be surprised to find how intense and fixated you can get about the game. Not only is backgammon a very fun game, as it is the perfect combination of strategy and luck, but it is a great way to get to know new people and communicate on deeper levels.

So far the club has about 20 members, and it would love some new additions!  If you either love the game or want to learn how to play, this club is for you!