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Courtesy of Isabel Bina

Sophia Ghadoushi

Staff Writer

New year, new website. We sat down with Isabel Bina ‘17 to talk about her passion for photography, and how it led to her creating her own website: Isabel Bina Photography. When we first log on to her expressive website, we see a note from Isabel. The idea is to see the world through her eyes. As we enter the website, her beautiful photos are split up by sections: people, places, travel, architecture, and her blog. As we are browsing the site, some questions come into mind. Below is our interview with Isabel Bina about her favorite pictures, photography, future plans, and her brand-new website.

When did you first become interested in photography?

“Since I could remember, my Dad walks around with a camera swung around his shoulder; whether it’s for family gatherings or for when we traveled, he has always prepared to capture the moment. When I was younger I found myself growing annoyed by the continuous posing we did for photos. It wasn’t till I was in sixth grade that I really empathized with my Dad and developed a passion for photography.”

Why has photography become your greatest passion?

“As mentioned on my website, my biggest fear is time. I’m afraid of running out of time and never getting to experience all that the world has to offer. I’m afraid of not having enough time to find who I truly am as a person. Most importantly, I’m afraid of forgetting specific times in my life. Some people may argue that you are the driver of your live, thus it is up to you to make things happen. Although to some extent I can agree with this idea, I find myself succumbing control to the unpredictable ways of life. Photography puts me back in control by allowing me to freeze specific times in my life; those memories will never slip through the cracks of my mind. Additionally, photography has become my outlet of self expression. I discover different pieces of who I am and who I wanted to be through photographing different people.”    

What is your website name/web address, and what do you want people to know about it?

“My website is a place where I’ve taken all my thoughts and curated them into an array of photographs. Although I’m an open person, it can at times be difficult to put my thoughts and emotions into words, so instead I relay my ideas through my photographs. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on my art, and I hope that even if people don’t like my photographs, after viewing them they’re left questioning life in ways they didn’t before.”

What are your favorite pictures you have ever taken? Why?

Courtesy of Isabel Bina
Courtesy of Isabel Bina

“Ooo this is a difficult one because every photograph I’ve taken has a story behind it that brings a smile to my face! When I’m photographing people I try to have them become vulnerable because that’s when the true magic occurs, but there’s a process that needs to take place in order to make the person loosen up and take down their walls. I think that my favorite photo(s) are where I’ve projected images on my friend Emma. The photo with the trees has a mysterious yet enchanting and alluring vibe that captures the audience. The photo with the graveyard has an ominous and eerie tone that can leave the audience with goosebumps. I think I love these pictures because they explore different aspects of human nature.”

Courtesy of Isabel Bina
Courtesy of Isabel Bina

Do you see being a photographer as your career?

“This question has been the elephant in the room between my parents and I! I personally do see myself as a photographer; traveling the world, meeting people, and creating art that I am proud of. But, to my parents, life isn’t about fun and games. I can understand where they are coming from, but to me happiness is the biggest goal in life and to achieve it I need to be doing something I love and am passionate about. I can’t live a life of regrets and letting go of photography is a regret that I am not willing to carry with me.”