Why You Should Join Koreh LA


Sophia Kaplan ’18



Jamie Weisenberg

Staff Writer

Koreh LA, currently dominated by seniors, is looking for more underclassmen to ensure the continuation of the program. Here is why you should join Koreh LA:

  1. If you love kids, it is a fun way to interact with them.
  2. It is a convenient but rewarding way to earn all of your hours. Despite meeting only once a week, your visit helps to improve the student’s reading and comprehension skills.
  3. If you love to read, and love to encourage reading, Koreh LA is the perfect way to inspire young readers.
  4. You develop a relationship with your student and enjoy reading with them. My buddy, for example, is always excited to see me and tells me stories about what happened to him prior to our last visit. This way I really get to know my buddy well.
  5. If you have a free period during Blocks H or I, this can be a valuable way to utilize that time.
  6. If you are an underclassman who is looking for a way to fill your community service hours.


Despite having been in Koreh LA for one semester, I can say that it is an amazing program that every Milken student should experience. To be able to connect with a child and help them learn is amazing and rewarding for both of you. So, if you love working with children and are looking for a way to fill your service hours, you should definitely consider becoming a Koreh LA mentor. The next training is Sunday January 31 at Valley Beth Shalom at 2:00p.m. You can earn 3 hours of service for attending. For more information email Ms. Ordower at, [email protected].