Girls Soccer: A Team of Ballers



Daniella Banton breaking away from Beverly defenders in Milken’s most recent game. Credit: Isabel Bina

Lauren Cohen

Staff Writer

The girls Varsity soccer team sprinted to an incredible start this year: winning  4 out out of their total 5 games. Riley Banton ‘17, Daniela Tour ‘17, Sammy Stolzenbach ‘16, and Orly Abrams ‘16 lead the team as captains. Riley plays center defender, Daniela plays defensive midfielder, Sammy plays center midfield, while Orly plays offensive and defensive mid. Their skills and excellent leadership qualities meld together to create a positive and motivated team morale.

In their first game of the year, against Wildwood, they scored 2 goals and ceded none. The next day, they were victorious yet again- scoring a goal and blocking all New Roads’ attempts at doing so. Their widest victory margin has been three goals to zero goals against St. Mary’s on the eighth of December. The first goal the team ceded was on December 10th, in which they drew 1-1 against Buckley. Unfortunately, the girls lost for the first time yesterday 5-0 to Beverly Hills High School. The goalie was out for a portion of the game and two of the team’s defenders were absent at an interview for Camp Ramah. Naomi Pearl ‘17, who plays right defender, said that she loves the team’s “vivacious energy, sense of family, and ability to communicate kindly yet efficiently” in a recent interview.

Led by tactical and hilarious head coach Bryan Gonzales and assistant coach Julio Castillo, the girls have built a strong bond and heartfelt affection for one another. Since the beginning of the season- they have endured wind storms, nearly freezing weather, starbucks dates, 30 minute runs, and hilarious games of “never have I ever”. According to captain Sammy Stolzenbach ‘16, the team is planning on having both a sleepover and shabbat dinner in the near future. Gonzales and Castillo are fully supportive of the team’s desires to bond during and after practice, and are actively encouraging them to do so.