Mr. Meyerson: New Member of the Jewish Studies Department

Hannah Newman

Staff Writer



Gabriel Meyerson, one of the newest additions to the Jewish Studies department, coordinates many extracurricular activities, such as Global Beit Midrash and J-Life. Global Beit Midrash is a program that connects Milken students to other Jewish students all over the world. J-Life is the alternative to Student Government, and mainly focuses on coordinating the Jewish events at Milken. Mira Berenbaum ‘18, says that Meyerson is “like Mrs. Miller for the Jewish Studies department.” Mr. Meyerson is involved in the Jewish community in multiple ways besides working at Milken. He attended Emory University for his undergraduate degree, and then did graduate work at Tel Aviv University. He received a Master’s Degree in Education from American Jewish University, and is currently finishing his MBA there. He has previously worked at Los Angeles Hebrew High School, Shalhevet High School, and Ramah. Although he has worked at many other schools, Mr. Meyerson says that Milken students stand out to him, because Milken’s “students have their fingers in lots of different pies.” He has been impressed with how involved Milken Students are in their communities. Besides the students at Milken, the dynamic and interesting things happening educationally attracted Mr. Meyerson to the school. Mr. Meyerson lived in Israel for five years, and claims the most courageous thing he has ever done is jump off a cliff in Croatia into the sea. Due to the fact that Mr. Meyerson is committed to mainly organizing extracurriculars, he does not teach any classes. Although he does not teach classes at Milken, his favorites classes to teach are Israel and Modern Middle East History. If he could tell Milken students one thing about himself, it would be to come by his office and say hi or to get involved in Global Beit Midrash.