Moschino Barbie Commercial Sparks Gender Debates


Jamie Weisenberg

Staff Writer

Recently, Moschino released a new commercial for their Barbie dolls featuring a young boy, which soon went viral. According to Buzzfeed, this was the first time in over 56 years that a company featured a little boy as the face of their brand. Sparking debate, this commercial according to a Washington Post article, “is all part of a larger conversation about whether boys and girls truly prefer the toys that they have historically been known to prefer, or if they are simply conditioned to do so.”  With mixed reviews, this commercial soon became part of the debate on gender stereotypes and how they are portrayed by the media.

Some people, offended by the casting of the boy, claimed that this boy is “the most stereotypical gay kid ever” and question “why people would celebrate the shameful representation of a gay stereotype.” Many people have agreed that the depiction of the boy is frustrating and have criticized the idea of boys playing with dolls, labeling it “sick” and “wrong”.  With a “girly” hairdo and fierce lines, some people take offense to the character’s implications, feeling as though this commercial gives boys, both homosexual and heterosexual, a “bad rep.”

Claiming that “a toy doesn’t make someone gay” people have defended the controversial commercial. People are praising Moschino for defying the classic gender stereotypes. Many men have commented about how this made them feel better about playing with dolls. One person who appreciated the commercial stated that he is “glad we are moving forward in this direction and away from shaming people for who they are.”  With this groundbreaking viral video, the idea that boys can play with dolls is being further integrated into our society, and debate over how gender should portrayed by the media is being stimulated.  

This advertisement has become a more than just a video about dolls but a debate on how gender stereotypes are portrayed by the media.