Confessions of a Gradeaholic


Justin Leff

Wildlife Editor

The second quarter is underway and first quarter report cards were electronically sent out to parents and students. However, most Milken students and their parents might as well have ignored the progress reports, as a new study on their myMilken habits show that students and their families are constantly checking their grades through the myMilken gradebook.

Back in 2013, before the dawn of myMilken, students had to pester their teachers to find out how they were doing, and consequently were stuck with little time for last minute grade improvement. Now, with gradebooks just a click away, students are able to check their grades as frequently as March Madness scores. According to a recent Roar survey, the average Milken student checks their grades between six to ten times per day.

An expected trend in the student responses concludes that juniors and seniors are the most addicted to checking their grades. With college applications on the horizon, grade obsession is worse than ever. Amanda Hartstein ‘17, was quoted saying, “I literally just checked it. Probably the sixth time today.” When Jeremy Weinstein was asked how many times he checks his grades, he replied, “I’ve already checked it three times today, and it’s 9:40 am…”

Is this a problem? Most students interviewed enjoy the accessibility of their grades, but others have claimed that the system causes them a lot of anxiety. An anonymous Milken student said, “I wish I just got my report (card) and my parents and I didn’t have to freak out over every little dip or rise.”

Many students agreed that they really like being able to see their grades, but if their parents couldn’t, they would be much more relaxed. Knowing that one test isn’t going to stir trouble at home seemed to be comforting, but the majority of students wouldn’t give up the system.

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