15 Struggles Juniors Know Too Well


Samantha Behar

Co-Spotlight Editor

  1. Falling into a never ending abyss of homework, stress, anxiety, and more homeworktumblr_lznlek5zyL1qdes1mo1_500
  2.  Living on less than 5 hours of sleepno-sleep
  3. Being told your grades matter…


  4. Having to decide between the ACT and the SAT


  5. Not to mention AP classes


  6. Finally having a license and a car, but have no place to park at schooldriving-gif
  7. Not being able to drive around your friends… legally at least..


  8. Being constantly asked “where do you want to go to college?” when you have no idea


  9. And when anyone finds out you’re a Junior they say, “that’s the tough one!”2237701-i-know-and-im-still-crying
  10. Coming to the realization that you’ve taken on too many extracurriculars and leadership roles
  11. anigif_enhanced-23112-1413395667-10

    Generally having no free time


  12. Checking MyMilken more than Instagram and all of your social media accounts combined


  13. Realizing that they weren’t kidding when they told you Freshman year matteredtumblr_nsq9huSc0j1tit364o6_r1_500
  14. Redefining social life to mean lying in your bed, surrounded by empty tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and your AP Pageant textbook, because face it, it’s your only friend” – Britt Jacobson ‘17anigif_fun-fun-fun-29834-1300112565-20
  15. Realizing Junior year isn’t even half over yet