Q&A – Girl’s Golf


Jennifer Clemens

Co spotlight editor

This year there is the first ever girl’s golf team at Milken. Captains Samantha Behar ‘17, Tevel Shoham ‘17, and Ashley Solemani ‘17 were members of the boys golf team last year, and because of them, Milken decided it was important to expand this sport at Milken, and let the girls have their own team.

We asked captain Samantha Behar ‘17 to answer some questions for us.

What made you want to join golf in the first place?

“I never had really found my sport. I tried out cross country earlier in high school, and it didn’t work out. I tried golf for the first time, and fell in love with it instantly.”

How did you feel about there only being a boys golf team last year?

“I knew so many girls that were interested in playing golf, so I thought it was important to talk to our golf coach, Dan Brink, and Coach Iversen, to convey to them our interest in making a girl’s golf team.”

 What was your goal for the team this season?

“My goal was for everyone to have fun. It is our first year, so we are not officially in a league, so I just want all the girls to come out and do their best, without the pressure of having to win.”

What responsibilities come with being captain of the golf team?

“I am in charge of selecting who plays in the matches, and I have to attend some sports meetings with other captains, and Coach Iversen. As captains, we try to make sure the team not only does their best, but feels connected, and has fun doing so.

Some people say golf is not a real sport. Now that you play it, do you disagree?

“It definitely is a sport. It takes concentration and effort. In fact, it is probably one of the most difficult sports.”

What is one thing that the golf coach has said to the team that really stands out?

“I once asked coach what his favorite part about having a girls golf team is, and he said, ‘Witnessing ten extremely intelligent and capable young ladies experience the most difficult athletic endeavor known to humankind- hitting a golf ball!’”

Finally girls are able to participate in golf. Golf was one of the only sports at Milken that did not give girls the chance to play. The girls on the team this year really enjoyed it, and hope to have more girls come out next year!

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