Top 5 Jewish Instagrams

Top 5 Jewish Instagrams

Stephanie Afari

Staff Writer

Do you ever have those awkward but funny “Jewish moments” and wonder if you are the only person this happens to? Social media outlets like Instagram remind myself and many others of the million funny things that happen to Jews daily. Not only do these Instagrams make lighthearted jokes about the funny elements of being a Jew, but people can even send in their own stories or funny Jewish pictures to be featured on the account.

  1. thefatjewish

This Instagram is not only hilarious, but it is also one of the most well known Jewish Instagram accounts. If you are ever looking for a laugh or a time to step away from work, this is definitely the account you should look at.


  1. crazyjewishmom

This account is for those of you who have experienced or even not experienced the hysterical conversations between a neurotic Jewish mom and their child. The best thing about this account is that you can direct message a picture of a funny conversation you had with your Jewish mom to the owner of the accountnd they will post your picture for others to see.


  1. whatjewwannaeat

Not only is this account amazing for foodies like myself, but it even has the cutest username. This account incorporates free Jewish recipes and the most amazing Jewish restaurants to go to all around the world. If you enjoy cooking or baking and you are a foodie, this is a must follow for you!


  1. jewthings

Any of those generally funny Jewish moments or spiritual Jewish moments are found on this Instagram page. This account makes fun of some Jewish stereotypes, has cute Jewish riddles, and has Jewish play on words.


  1. girlwithnojob

This account includes funny, Jewish memes, Jewish sayings, and relatable pictures with quotes to go with them. It is perfect to look at when you are bored and are looking for a laugh or something to just brighten up your mood.


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