The End of Milken’s Media Arts?


Danielle Lewis

Staff Writer

In the wake of Mr. Tash’s departure, Milken has lost several media arts classes, including the beloved Milken Video News. For years, the Milken community has been informed about school events and activities through the student-run news show, but without Mr. Tash, the show cannot go on.

Many students who have previously taken media arts classes have expressed their disappointment regarding the absence of the courses. “[TV Studio] was a highlight of my high school experience and really taught me a lot,” said Noah Wiesel ‘17.

“I am sad that no one else will get to experience this class,” said Jacob Simon ‘16, who channeled his passion of film through the classes. “I liked how we got the experience of working behind the scenes.”

However, problems facing the Milken Video News course began long before Mr. Tash left. According to Dr. Schwartz, the Milken upper school principal, the class had already been cancelled due to steadily decreasing enrollment by Mr. Tash himself. TV Studio faced similar problems when only six students enrolled in the class this year. “Mr. Tash’s departure made it untenable to continue to run a program for such a small number of students,” explained Dr. Schwartz.

Milken is currently working towards a solution for the lack of media arts classes by hiring Ms. Ebner, the new media arts teacher. Currently teaching two classes of digital photography, she is working to create future classes in the media arts department, including film production.