Mr. Steele the Show Part 2


Mira Berenbaum

Staff Writer

Due to the resignation of Ms. Stacey King, Mr. Adam Steele took on the role as Sophomore Class Advisor. The Roar sat down with Steele to learn more about him and his goals for the sophomore class.

Steele was born in Oregon, but moved to Los Angeles before he turned one. He went to Alemany High School in Mission Hills, and played volleyball for all four years. He also played ice hockey and basketball during his freshman year. Steele went to California State University Northridge for his bachelor’s degree in Literature, and later attended Queens University in North Carolina for his master’s degree in creative writing. When Steele is not teaching, he enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and writing. He loves the outdoors and he has participated in activities such as backpacking, rock climbing, bungee jumping, wakeboarding, and cliff jumping.

Steele worked as a production supervisor in animation and then came to Milken for his first teaching job. Steele says he loves the culture and environment, the students, and especially the respect they show to the teachers and to each other. He likes how he has already been able to rise the ranks in a short period of time. He has only been at Milken for three years and in those years he has become the Girls Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coach, the Boys Varsity Volleyball Head Coach, and most recently 10th Grade Class Advisor.

Throughout his time in high school, he really enjoyed playing sports and spending time with his friends. During volleyball season, the entire boys volleyball team would paint their chests and faces for the girl’s volleyball games. Then during boy’s volleyball season, the girl’s volleyball team would come out to support and cheer for them. He felt that this unified both his grade and school. Steele’s goal is to try and bring that same class unity that he had at his high school to Milken.

He feels that in order to develop school spirit and class unity, the sports program needs more attention. He says, “Giving emphasis to our sports programs and using that as a catalyst for building school spirit is important. The hard part is that so many of our students are so pulled in various directions.” He feels that sports build school pride and school spirit. Steele would love to see the student body and the faculty come and support the sports programs.

Steele is excited “to work with this group of students who [he] knew as eighth graders, a group of students that [he] really enjoy[s] being around.” He really wants to maximize the sophomore class’s experience, from hosting amazing fundraisers, and eventually,  an unforgettable prom. His main goal is to make this class have the best high school experience they can possibly have. He believes that if everyone in the class is able to look back and say that they had a great high school experience, his job as Class Advisor would have been successful.

Steele is very excited to be the Sophomore Class Advisor and looks forward to an amazing 3 years. Get ready Class of 2018!

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