Milken Prom Trends 2015


Natalie Pashaie

Staff Writer


The excitement of finding someone to go with, the eagerness that comes with finding the perfect outfit… You guessed it, we are talking about prom. It’s an age old tradition and one of the paramount social events of a high schooler’s career.

Milken’s Senior prom took place last week on Thursday, May 28. Students and their dates looked elegant and excited at pre-prom, the classic event right before prom meant for, essentially, taking photographs.

And without further ado, we present to you the trends of Milken prom 2015:


Trend #1: The Classic LBD

Little black dresses were everywhere at prom. And why not? A black dress is chic, classic, and never goes out of style.

Lily Morris ’16


Rebecca Souferian ’15


Samara Wolpe ’15 with Daniel Kessler ’15


Isabella Emsallem ’15 (Left) and Danielle Moalem ’15 (Right)


Natallie Mashian ’15



Trend #2: Lady in Red

Red, crimson, maroon, rouge… name the shade of red, and it was at last week’s prom. Take a look at some of the fiery getups below:


Amanda Soloman ’15 with Niccolai Golshan ’15


Nicole Nourian ’15



Odeya Kagan ’15 (Right)


Brigitte Tabaroki ’15 (Left) and Gabi Kamran ’15 (Right)


Karenne Mashiach ’15



Trend #3: It Takes Two

It is always exciting to see female prom-goers stray away from tradition and sport something other than a gown. Many students donned two piece sets at prom, classy arrangements with a hint of edge.


Mandy Shoushani ’16


Maya Mashiach ’15 (Left) with sister Karenne (Right)


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 5.29.26 PM
Dani Shouhed ’15 (Center) with friends Maya Haziza and Leayam Meiri


Kayla Mehdizadeh ’16 with fellow junior Oliver Pourbaba

Trend #4: Junioritis? 

Asking juniors was also a trend- juniors Lily Morris, Kayla Mehdizadeh, Mandy Shoushani, Evan Mateen, David Zarabi, Oliver Pourbaba, and Michael Moadeb all were present at Milken’s Senior prom this year.


What other trends did you notice at prom?