Throwback: Mr. Moran

Throwback: Mr. Moran

Jennifer Clemens

Staff Writer


What was your favorite year of high school and why?

1635 was a great year for high school. The first public high school, Boston Latin School, opened its doors in what would be the United States. There would be many great years of high school to follow, but one never forgets the first.


What types of activities and extra curricular activities did you partake in?

There are a lot of rumors floating around about what I did with my spare time in high school. I can assure you that at least one of them is true.


What type of student were you?

Well, at the time, I was a high school student.


What type of “crowd” or group of friends were you associated with?

I worked my way through all of them, and then I started work on the neighboring towns’ schools.


What did you do on weekends?

What most teenagers wish they were doing on weekends.


If you could do a year over in high school which would it be and why?

I thought we agreed there would be no questions about temporal manipulations in this interview. Oh, never mind; we had that conversation tomorrow.


What kind of music did you listen to?

It’s hard to describe, but it kind of went like this: verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge (middle eight), verse, chorus.


When thinking about yourself in your teen years what words come to mind?

Obnoxious—ly charming.


If you could give a high school student one piece of advice what would it be?

Sometimes sleeping is the most productive thing you can do.