Milken Unblocks ESPN


Justin Leff & Jordan Brenner

Staff Writers

With the rise in internet popularity over the past few years, Milken has taken action to restrict certain websites that hinder students’ learning. Sites blocked on the Milken server likely contain explicit material, online gambling, cyber bullying promotion, and drug related references.

Every year during March Madness, the championship tournament for college basketball, many  students attempt to stream games online. The large amount of bandwidth used provoked the IT department to block ESPN as well as

However, March Madness is over, and many students stood awaiting the return of such sports sites to the Milken server. The Journalism team did some investigation into the situation, and in result got ESPN and other sports sites unblocked. Milken students can now rejoice, as they can once again set up their fantasy lineup and follow sports games without using their phone data.

The IT department intends to block websites that impede upon students learning  as well as gaming websites that take up a large amount of data.