Spotted! Bagpipe Player at Skirball Parking Lot Identified


Josh Berenbaum

Staff Writer

Earlier in the school year, many students leaving afternoon sports games heard a strange and distinct noise coming from the Skirball parking lot. Those who took a look over the railing witnessed a woman marching and playing the bagpipes.

After weeks of research, The Roar has identified the marching woman as Susan Lucas, Visitor Services director at the Skirball Cultural Center.

After she leaves work, Lucas occasionally parks her car in the lower Skirball lot and begins to play the instrument she was first introduced to in high school. Her high school band had bagpipes, and she believed that it was a commonplace instrument until she attended college. It was only three years ago, however, that Lucas finally pursued playing the instrument. She regrets not starting in high school, saying, “It would have saved me a lot of money [in lessons].” The bagpipes have become a passion for Lucas. She plays four times a week at a conference room in the Skirball Center, the Skirball parking lot, and Griffith Park.

The bagpipes are a loud instrument, therefore Lucas cannot practice at home. The board of the Skirball Center granted her permission to play in the lot, as long as it interrupts no events or anyone who is working nearby. Skirball or the Skirball parking lot are Lucas’ most preferred places to play, because she can finish work, practice the bagpipes and go straight home.

Bagpipes are not Lucas’ only hobbies — she writes a blog, too. Lucas is a former journalist, and still practices her skills when she blogs about the restaurants, museums, and landmarks she visits.