The New Milken

The New Milken

Jennifer Clemens

Staff Writer

Milken is beginning to raise money in effort to reach its new look. Milken must raise four million dollars, and we have raised half of it. A very generous family has offered a donation for a center for advanced science. Additionally, other families have stepped up to construct a new architecture and design space. The Lowey family who have have significant donors to our school for a while, were also very kind to donate the Lowey Judaic Center, a new beit midrash.

The first phase of the construction is to tackle the more immediate needs that the school has needed to address for a long time. They want to expand the space of some of the programs that are present now, to provide a larger and better learning environment, as well as a more modern construction. After this stage is complete, Milken wants to find space, and begin to build a sports field. Additionally, after the more important constructions are done, Milken is also planning to create a student center.

A pressing question lately around Milken is to why we have created a new logo. One of the reasons is that Milken has recently separated from Stephen S. Wise, and we are now for the first time, a truly independent school. Milken wants to head in a new direction with the construction they are planning on doing, and they thought the first way to start this process would be to create a new logo to visually represent our school. Milken wanted our new image to be different, and thought that this new image for our logo would have people look uniquely at our school, which is one of the goals throughout this whole process.

Milken’s main goal for this new construction is to provide more space for the programs that have recently grown. The other importance that Milken sees in this renovation is to keep updating and growing as a school. Milken feels as though the facilities we have reflect us as a community and as a school.