“The Situation”: Jersey Shore takes over Milken

Fist pumping, T-shirt time, GTL, Ed Hardy, Tantra, “OH YEAAH!” and scooping gelato define most Milken students’ Thursday nights. That’s right, Jersey Shore. Milken has a large percentage of Israelis, Persians, and Russians, but not any Guidos.  Still, every Thursday night, we sit down and watch Snooki, Pauly D, JWoww, Ronnie, Sammi, and Mike “The Situation” (and sometimes Angelina) party, fight, eat, and live together in Miami.

Why are some of us so obsessed with Jersey Shore? And why do some of us despise it?

“I like Jersey Shore because the fights are entertaining. I like how girls can punch people and how they get paid $60,000 per episode for partying everyday and working at a little gelato shop,” Shaina Sarafian ’12 said.

On the other hand, some people lack respect for the entertaining family that recently invaded South Beach.  Many people don’t like the idea of the show or are simply too busy to enjoy the Guido lifestyle.

“I don’t watch that show, it lowers my IQ,” Lindsey Davidson ’11 said.

The core of Jersey Shore is based around the eccentric cast members. With all the amusing Guidos on the show, it is extremely difficult to pick a favorite. However, some Jersey Shore fans were able to pick out which member is closest to their heart.

“Angelina is my favorite because she’s rude and obnoxious, but she makes the show entertaining,” Sarafian ’12 said.  Many picked Snooki as their favorite character because she is cute and dramatic.

Others feel like they have a personal connection with the characters.

“My favorite character is Pauly D because he is unique and very much like me. Do you see the resemblance?” Jason Aftalion ’12 said.

As one of the most entertaining shows on TV, why cant people stop watching?

“Fist pumping is the hottest dance craze that’s sweeping America. It has defined a generation of hot young Italian Americans,” Elai Shine ’12 said.

Other students find the show purely entertaining, with the characters’ thick Jersey accents, workout routines, party nights, and cooking and tanning skills. Many students enjoy reciting quotes the cast members use when hanging out with their friends. Some even like to see the fights and arguments that happen in the house.

Sadly, Season 2 has ended, and most of us are already missing our ripped, tanned, obnoxious Guidos. But not to worry, season 3 is on its way. Catch it on January 6!

Article image: MTV.com