Because She’s a Girl: Women’s Issues in Congo


Samantha Suman


This week, Yozma’s Jewish World Watch group will be presenting their self-built exhibit Because She’s a Girl: Women’s Issues in Congo. The exhibit aims to teach the Milken community about rape in Congo, as well as the lack of healthcare, education, and work opportunities for the female rape victims.

“I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to educate the school about global women’s issues, a topic I’m very passionate about,” Gabi Kamran ’15, Group Chair, said. “I hope I can look back on this museum years from now and feel proud of what my group accomplished here.”

Students can find the exhibit in the Senior area. Tours will be held during Kehillah, however everyone is welcome to visit at any time through out the day. For more information, please contact either Kamran or Sarah Weitzman ’15.