The Best School in the Country, Starting in 2020


Samantha Suman


In an effort to be the best school in the entire country, Milken Community Schools will become the first Kindergarten through 16th grade institution. This change will take effect in 2020, along with a newly developed 17 year curriculum created in partnership with the Wise School and the American Jewish University (AJU).

“We are very excited to be branching out to both younger and older students. This shift in dynamic will allow us to further explore and develop our students’ understanding of their Jewish identity, and their part in this ever-changing secular world,” Gary Weisserman, Head of School, said.

The Milken Admission’s team is in the process of creating an application that will assess prospective students’ interest in this new type of environment, as they will not have to re-apply for every educational stage. Additionally, Milken High School seniors who wish to continue their education at Milken University will not have to take the SAT or ACT.

Each campus will remain as it is currently in order to manage the influx of people and to please the already instilled rules of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Students can expect to see Milken University apparel at the Milken Mart, as well as sign up sheets for a college student Vatik program.

“Both the Board and the Administration are confident that this will make Milken a more competitive institution, placing it among the best in the nation,” Weisserman said.

Vicki’s Lunchbox will remain as the kosher food provider, and is rumored to open up a restaurant on the AJU campus. Student housing will also be offered at the university campus as well as in a new $500,000,000 complex on Mulholland overlooking the San Fernando Valley.

“I can’t wait to go to Milken University!” said Avia Cohen ’15, soon to be ‘19. “Here is to another four more years!”