New Logo Contains Spelling Error

New Logo Contains Spelling Error

Josh Berenbaum and Jordan Brenner

Staff Writers

During a much anticipated Town Meeting, Milken released potential renovation designs along with a new official school logo. However, it took even the least observant in the audience only minutes to find a mistake. The logo spells MMilken Community Schools, as there are two M’s in front.

A representative from the marketing company Milken used – who was not authorized to speak on the subject – said, “We have just recently been informed of the spelling error, and are in the process of crossing out the extra M on every Milken product.”

This process that they are undergoing will be called Operation Logo Protector and this will be headed by a new committee called the Cross Out the M Team (COTM).

Jennifer Clemens ‘17 is excited to be a part of the COTM team, calling it “a great honor.” Students will earn the remainder of their high school service requirement for serving such an important cause.

To encourage a smooth transition from Stephen S. Wise to Milken in the future, Milken also hired Stephen S. Wise preschoolers to cross out the M’s. However, recently, due to lack of rights and pay, the preschoolers have started a boycott and created a rival crossing out team called the Crossing Out Squad, or the COS.

The Crossing Out Squad sent the Roar an example of their logo, which can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.30.00 AM