New Milken School in New York


New Milken School in New York

Justin Leff

Staff Writer

Milken has recently unveiled a series of plans to take place in the near future with the goal of making Milken one of the country’s elite schools. The plan includes major additions to the school, including a convention center type Beit-Midrash, with a very modern glass overhang that will encroach on the airspace of the amphitheater.

The state of the art technology Milken will see corresponds with a modern logo in a new branding initiative. The MMilken Community Schools logo has brought on speculation that Milken is looking to franchise their schools in other parts of the world.

We have reached out to Milken’s branding department, but they have remained silent, bringing on even more speculation. During a recent North Korean hacking of Milken’s systems, leaked email conversations between top administrators and realtors in Long Island show that Milken Schools is interested in buying land in New York. A school in Long Island would make a lot of sense considering the dense Jewish population and the shortage of Jewish private schools.

Milken could be on a franchising effort, where they be licensing the rights to their schools across the entire country. We have also seen leaked email communication with a school in Texas that is seeking a complete revamp of their school. This is a Christian school however, which presents the possibility that Milken may franchise their schools to different religions.

This business opportunity for Milken Community Schools is huge! More schools means more people to buy the new Milken logo coffee mugs and Lawn Chairs. We can expect to see at each Milken school a Brooklyn born head Milken Mart mom and an elite staff of Hebrew teachers (even at the Christian Milken in Texas).

Do you think America will start to see Milken Community Schools opening up across the country? Let us know below in the comments!