The Forgotten Items at the Milken Mart


Natallie Mashian and Ivy Schneider

Life Editor and Voices Editor 

They may not be at eye level, but they still exist: they are the Milken Mart’s forgotten items. Entering the store, you find yourself drawn to purchasing bagels, burritos, or even occasional cinnamon buns due to their exploding flavors and beautiful packaging. Yet, while perusing the neverending aisles, you overlook the less evident products. What about them? What about their feelings? We at The Roar feel that no item should be left behind, thus we’ve compiled a list of five specialties at the Mart that we would like to resurrect back into the Milken kehillah.

Nestle’s Nesquik


Nestle(‘s)d in the far corners of the Mart’s fridge, this childhood classic is yearning to rekindle what once was: a strong, passionate, and indestructible love. You can’t get that same smooth and creamy texture with Diet Peach Snapple. And don’t worry, Nesquik doesn’t hold grudges, they just want back in! 

Blue Bunnies Blue Ribbon Classic


Honestly, if you don’t recognize this name we don’t blame you, but who doesn’t love a good ice cream sandwich at ten o’clock in the morning? It’s as if they’re hiding it from us cause they know it’s too yummy. If you happen to find yourself roaming the ice cream aisle, avoid those Dibs and Hagendaz minis and pick one of these up slick bars. Who knows, you might even start a trend!

Tradition’s Instant Noodle Soup Imitation Beef Flavor


Research hasn’t proven why people don’t purchase this item.

Sun-Maid’s Yogurt Raisins


Remember envying that kid in the 3rd grade who always indulged in these treasured (unique and sophisticated, as well!) snacks while you were picking at your Plain Jane raisins? Well, now you can be who you’ve always wanted to be by buying these delicious treats at your local Milken Mart! Located by the famous caramel apple lollipops, be sure to pick up one of these yogurt covered beauties so you can have a fulfilling day.

The Lower Left Bottom Shelf Drawers


From Cheez-Its to Ritz-bits, these cult-classics have been collecting dust since 1895 when the Mart was known as the Saloon. Bending down might be a hassle, but go the extra mile and work that bend, because you’re worth it.

Bon Appetit!