February Senior Q+A: Jordan Yashari


Ivy Schneider and Natallie Mashian

Voices Editor and Life Editor

The Q+A: two students, one teacher, each month. This month we sat down with senior Jordan (Jordy) Yashari


Common misconception about me:  That I care about people’s conceptions

Movie you’ve seen most: Anchorman

One thing I can’t live without: Food, water, justice for all, and lots of money

What you wanted to be at age 10: Rich

Teacher pet peeve: When they are super condescending

Procrastination technique: I’ll start doing my work, I realize how much it sucks, I stop doing my work and then I forget to do my work

Hobby: Television

Favorite thing about being a senior: I get to walk around and tell people I’m a senior, and cut the lines in the Milken Mart

Movie star you wish you could take to prom: Megan Fox, pre-plastic surgery

Favorite class you’ve taken at Milken: Sculpture with Mrs. LaFlur in 9th grade

Funniest Hebrew word: Shtuyot

Most purchased item in Student Store: The breakfast burritos are becoming a new fad; it’s kind of like having a BMW.

Favorite Milken Trend: Senioritis

Where do you sit at lunch: The green tables

What historical figure do you identify most with: Ralph Nader

Starbucks or Coffee Bean: It all depends on which one has better parking

Explain your favorite type of weather: Sweater weather

If you had to leave America, where would you go: Spain

Miley or Hannah: Or

Ultimate Milken homie: Steele and Moss

Favorite teacher quote: “Party hard, party often” – Mr. Lawrence