Technology: Can We Live Without It?


Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer

Part of The Roar’s #CyberNation: The Next Generation Series

Is it possible to exist without the one source that keeps us constantly updated about people’s personal matters? Every single day, we check our phones approximately 110 times according to New York- based app Locket. We are notified continuously about nonsense. Our eyes skim over infinite news feeds of individuals sharing their every activity. Haven’t we realized we spend more time on our phones interacting through a text message rather than speaking in person? Don’t get me wrong, technology is an incredible and efficient tool for keeping in touch with family and friends who live far away. But, society is becoming more and more unsocial due to everyone being consumed by their numerous devices.

Can Milken students live without technology for a week? Of course not. We use media as a tool for our classwork and homework everyday. We Google search for current events instead of reading real newspapers. A trip to the library takes too long to look up a specific piece of information, so we peruse the internet for answers. Technology saves us time to get homework done. Additionally, having a computer in class has become vital and the thought of my laptop crashing brings tears to my eyes.

We can all admit that the internet is distracting. Yet, we must make an effort to stay connected to each other without a screen between us.

Drawing by Leeat Elkayam '15
Drawing by Leeat Elkayam ’15


Here are five ways to stop, think, and socialize beneficially:

  1. When you sit at a meal with your friends, make everyone put their phones in the middle of the table. Whoever picks theirs up first has to pay the check.
  1. Be active — and I’m not talking Soulcycle. A great way to socialize is to play a sport with a friend, possibly a one-on-one game like tennis or a team sport like basketball. No checking the phone in between when you go for your water break!
  1. Shut down all electronics before falling asleep. Yes, the sun will still rise tomorrow if you miss those middle-of-the-night texts. Uninterrupted sleep is good for your health.
  1. Instead of focusing on what to caption your Instagram post, seize the moment for yourself. Of course you may want to share the experience with others, but they don’t have to digitally enjoy it at the exact same time as you.
  1. If you must communicate with someone, try talking face to face. Speaking with them over the phone is still an option, however, and texting may be appropriate solely for certain circumstances.