Spotlight Artist: Shantelle Navidbakhsh


Natallie Mashian

Life Editor


Art has always been an integral part of senior Shantelle Navidbakhsh’s ‘15 life.

Since the age of 5, Navidbakhsh’s preferred form of expression has been art. As a student of the advanced placement art course at Milken, Navidbakhsh has been working on her chosen concentration – open mindedness – since the beginning of senior year.

“I believe that a wise man lives within the question; meaning that by not coming to a conclusion and keeping an open mind, he is allowing more opportunities,” Navidbakhsh said.

The work encompassing her concentration allows for a broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from people to the abstract.

Her art, which is currently being displayed in the library, was influenced not only by the concept of open mindedness, but also by her understanding of self-acceptance. The various perspectives and vibrant colors she uses reflect how Navidbakhsh has decided to not hold back on reaching her fullest potential.

Navidbakhsh hopes to further pursue her career in art once she graduates Milken.