Top 8 Hannukah Videos


Britt Jacobson

Spotlight Editor

It’s Hanukkah, Milken! And you know what that means…amazingly, horribly cheesy Hanukkah videos!  Enjoy this compilation of the 8 best (or worst, depending on how you want to look at it)  Hanukkah videos!




At this point everyone’s heard Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass,” but I have a feeling that you’ll like this version even better: The Maccabeats’ – “All About That Neis”!


Similarly, the a capella group Six13 chose to recreate Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” about Hanukkah.

They weren’t the only ones, however. This slightly more amateur version by VodkasAndLatkes is equally as cheesy and entertaining.





This Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages is a must-watch for the cheesy Jewish a capella video connoisseur.


Yes, the Maccabeats do appear on this list three times. And after watching this video, I hope you agree that they definitely earned it.


Everyone’s favorite Jewish rapper – except for maybe Drake – released this colorful Happy Hannukah song two years ago, but its just as relevant as ever.

#6This original rap teaches you how to play dreidel in the hippest way dreidl has ever been taught. I hope you “get some” with gimel.


This is the acapella song that really started it all, in my opinion. The Maccabeats were unavoidable during Hannukah of 2010. I still think of their lyrics rather than the original version of the song. Now enjoy this video as you “spin dreidel by the candlelight”.


This video is a classic. It’s only to be expected that it is worthy of 8 candles.