9 Celebrities You Can Now Invite to Light The Hanukkiah


Leeat Elkayam

Creativity Director


Hanukkah is a time to gather around the Hanukkiah and share memories from the past year. The Roar wanted to spice up your Hanukkah season with nine Hollywood celebrities you wouldn’t think are Jewish. Now you can bring them home to meet the parents!



Justin Kirk:

Best known for his role as Prior in Angels in America, Kirk’s mother was of Russian Jewish descent. Funny, in the movie, he dates a Jew! Oy Vey!



James Wolk:

Wolk was born and raised in Michigan in a Reform household. He is best known for his role in Mad Men as Bob Benson. If you’re going to invite him, you might as well invite his cousin, Ms. Kate Rosenberg!



Eric Dane:

“McSteamy”, more like “Mc-When-Can-We-Sign-The-Ketuba”. Eric Dane was raised with his mother’s Jewish background and even had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.



Daniel Radcliffe:

Radcliffe was born in West London, England, to a Jewish mother whose descendants come from Poland and Russia. So, can you light the menorah with your wand?



Alyson Hannigan:

The How I Met Your Mother star was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Atlanta. Her on-screen beau is also Jewish, so the marriage is kosher!



Josh Radnor:

Radnor was born and raised in Ohio as a Conservative Jew. Hannigan, Radnor, and Jason Segal could have all had their own Hanukkah party on the set of How I Met Your Mother!


Josh Bowman

Josh Bowman:

Bowman was born and raised in Berkshire, England and is most famous for his role as Daniel Grayson in the show Revenge. His father is Jewish, however he feels as if he is “Jew-ish.” That definitely qualifies him to light the menorah tonight, right?


Logan Lerman by Victor Demarchelier - HQCity.ru/forum

Logan Lerman:

Lerman is a Beverly Hills born Jew and has been acting for most of his young life. His parents came from Eastern Europe, so he is very informed on the amount of oil needed to fry latkas.



Adam Brody:

Brody was born and raised in San Diego in a Jewish family. He most recently married Leighton Meester, a non-Jew, but that doesn’t mean she can’t convert and join him to light the menorah!


Happy Hanukkah from our Journalism family to yours. Lechaim!