The Honor Code


Britt Jacobson and Shani Erdman

Spotlight Editor and News Editor

Imagine what it would be like to go to a school where one could leave one’s backpack unattended and fully trust that no one would disturb it. Or imagine a teacher having so much faith in the integrity of his or her students that the students could be left alone for a period of time in their classroom knowing that no one would cheat on an exam. With this in mind, we would like to introduce to you Milken’s first Honor Code and Honor Book. As members of the SJC, we’ve compiled a list of informative (and funny, if we may say so ourselves) FAQ’s to clear up exactly what you’re going to be signing.


What is the Honor Code?

This document is the Honor Code that you will ultimately be signing in your grade’s Honor Book.



Truth –

I pledge, as a student at Milken Community Schools, never to lie, cheat or steal. My signature in the Book of Honor commits me to honesty in all my interactions with my peers, with teachers and administrators, and with all the members of the Milken Community.              

Responsibility –

I will act with integrity, dignity and respect so as never consciously to bring dishonor upon myself, my school, or my community.  I understand that every time I write my name on a document, communication or assessment, I am asserting that that document, communication or assessment is my own work. I will not affix my name to anything that does not represent my best self and highest values.

Accountability –

I also pledge with my signature in the Book of Honor to uphold actively the ideals and conditions of this Code and of the Student/Parent Handbook of Milken Community Schools. I understand that if I am caught lying, cheating, or stealing, I will face short- and long-term consequences.


What if I don’t want to sign the honor code?

We’ll feed you to the Jer-Bear aka Mr. Martin. Just kidding! But you should feel free to come talk to any member of the SJC, Rabbi Fields-Meyer, or Mr. Martin (he won’t bite) with any questions. You can definitely come talk to us about what’s preventing you from signing it, and we’ll take it from there. But ultimately, not signing it is NOT an option.

Where will I be signing the honor book?

Your grade’s honor book will be circulated in Jewish Studies classrooms in the upcoming weeks before winter break.

How will this affect my life at Milken?

The honor code is all about taking responsibility for your actions and being honest. You should think about your day to day actions and whether or not they meet Milken’s values. Everyone makes mistakes, but you should just be honest about them. If Fern yells at you for not throwing away your breakfast burrito wrapper, apologize and take responsibility.

What even is the SJC?

SJC stands for Student Judiciary Council. Our job is to instill the student’s voice in the disciplinary process, and ultimately to promote integrity on campus. We’re not out to get you — if you make a mistake, we’re here to listen to ALL sides of the story and recommend a course of action.

What happens if I’m sent to the SJC?

You may come in with your advisor.  The appropriate vice principal briefs the Council.  Rabbi Fields-Meyer and Mr. Martin also attend.  In matters that involve a teacher, that teacher is invited as well. HOWEVER, whatever happens or is said in the SJC stays in the SJC. We also do not determine a course of action;  we only transmit a recommendation to the vice-principal.

Who are the best justices on the SJC?

Britt and Shani, of course! Britt is a justice, and Shani is one of our Chief Justices!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email Rabbi Fields-Meyer, Mr. Martin, or us! We will also be at class meetings in upcoming weeks.