PSA’s in the Digital World: What’s on your Mind?


Ivy Schneider

Voices Editor

Each and every time you open your newsfeed, Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?” Remember the days when common responses to such a question were… Actually, I’ve tried to erase those memories from my mind. Currently, statuses address opinions on social, political, and economic issues. People are speaking up, sharing their beliefs, and triumphantly attempting to make a change in the digital world. And, they are succeeding.

Recently, I have noticed friends sharing viral videos on their Facebook pages. No, not videos about cats’ endeavors to take flight or entertaining treadmill fails, but videos about essential reminders to be happy, grateful, accepting, and respectful. I recommend that you watch some of these PSA’s, and maybe, just maybe, you will feel empowered to make our society a better society.


Produced by the company Always, #LikeAGirl highlights what it means to truly be “like a girl.” There are infinite times when women, and men, conform to pre-set stereotypical roles. Girls are supposed to run while giggling, twirling their hair, and what? Drinking freshly pressed juice? Nope. Girls are supposed to run how they naturally run: fast, strong, powerful. This video reminds us that young women are determined and passionate, and no one can take that away from them. Venturing into adult life, it is vital to keep such a mentality, no matter our sex. So, next time a peer says you do “____ like a girl,” say, “and I’m proud of it.” Then drop the mic and walk away cuz’ you done.

Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question

When was the last time you met someone who didn’t have one bad thing to say about themselves? Yeah, no one? Same here. It seems as if humans are built to assume that they have blemishes, external or internal, from features to personality. We are never satisfied. And that is not necessarily a problem, it is simply instinctual, a regularity. Comfortable, by the Jubilee Project, makes us think about these things we wish to change about ourselves. Are they really so important? They ask adults and children the same question, “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?” The difference between answers is incredible and inspirational. You were born with you, there’s no going back, so why be negative?

Make it Count

Filmmaker Casey Neistat makes leaving the country for 10 days appear all too easy. After Nike asked him to make a movie on what it means to #makeitcount, he decided to spend the budget on traveling the world. By incorporating motivational quotes, Neistat draws you in, forcing you to never want to separate eyes from computer screen. Watching him run through multiple environments, you remember how exciting life truly is. We tend to focus on the pessimism in our humanity, the neverending stresses, the burdens, which are merely unavoidable viewpoints. But there is so much more beyond. Though it is easier said than done,  we must try to have positive thoughts throughout our days and remember that we are in control.

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