Kilgore Killin’ it in College Counseling

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Shayne Tamkin

Staff Writer

The task of being Ms. Shelley Kierman’s maternity replacement in the Office of College Counseling is not an easy one, but Ms. Nia Kilgore is up to it.

When she was growing up in Atlanta, GA, Kilgore loved to watch college sports with her father. At the age of 12, she vividly remembers watching Georgetown win the NCAA Men’s basketball title. She decided in that moment that she was going to attend Georgetown one day. Her wish came true, and she ended up graduating Georgetown with a degree in English.

While an undergrad, she decided on a whim to find out how the applicants were picked to attend a university, and thus her passion was born. She continued to work in college admissions all the way through graduate school, where she earned her masters in education.

In her spare time, Ms. Kilgore loves to watch college football and basketball (rooting, of course for her Georgetown Hoyas). She also follows University of North Carolina and University of Michigan in basketball, and USC, UCLA, University of Colorado, and University of Nebraska in football.

Ms. Kilgore is enjoying her experience at Milken and loves the students equally. She is happy that she got to meet the seniors one at a time and not all at once.

Kilgore acknowledged the “elephant in the room” and made it clear that she is not trying to take Kierman’s place. She just hopes to help students through the college process while Kierman is on maternity leave.