Milken Mart Undergoes Remodel


Josh Berenbaum

Staff Writer

Students returned to campus this year to find that the beloved Milken Mart has been remodeled.

The most prominent spatial changes are the new furnishings,including new cash stations that have been moved from the left side of the room to the front. The Mart also boasts more floor space and a few new tables where students can eat lunch.

“It was time to upgrade and make the Mart more like a store and more inviting,” Fern Dubow, Milken Mart manager, said.

Another obvious change in the Milken Mart is the entrance door and the exit door.Students may only enter from the door on the left, and exit from the door on the right, closer to the amphitheater. This new policy is strictly enforced and was created to ensure the safety of students. Although some students view this new policy as burdensome, it has helped the Mart staff control the lunch time rush, which can be dangerously crowded.

There have also been changes to the rules for microwave usage in the Milken Mart. Due to concerns withthe school’s Kashrut policy, only foods purchased from the Milken Mart can be placed in the Mart’s microwaves. This disappointed many students, including Eli Esagoff ‘17.

“I used to warm my lunches up in the Milken Mart, but now I have to heat them up at home, and hope they stay warm,” Esagoff said.

As a result of the dilemma, microwaves with no Kashrut restrictions have been placed near the Vickie’s Lunchbox area.

The Milken Mart has not made many changes in terms of food and beverage products this year. However, the Mart now sells jewelry, which is displayed in a case adjacent to the refrigerators. The Mart will also be selling new items meant to boost school spirit, which Dubow refers to as “new swag.

The Milken Mart also has a new caterer, who is selling chinese chicken salads and spaghetti and meatballs, among other things. These lunches have been selling out fast because many students have taken advantage of the pre-order tool available through myMilken. Leigh Orloff, the new assistant manager of the Milken Mart, told the Roar that she recommends students order lunch online to guarantee that food will be available for them.

The remodel of the Milken Mart is not yet complete. A television will be installed directly above the ice cream freezer in order to display school announcements. The television will keep students informed about classroom changes, upcoming events, and school activities.