Tif Top Ten: Quotes from Alumni

Tif Top Ten: Quotes from Alumni

Britt Jacobson

Spotlight Editor

This is the second article in the Roar’s new series, Tif Top Ten. It will be a list published several times before the sophomore class leaves for Tiferet this year, and on a weekly basis once the fellowship is actually there. This second article is a list of quotes from Tif alumni currently in their junior and senior years at Milken. The format for the quote was “Tiferet is like…”. See how they filled in the blank!

1) “Tiferet is like doing yourself a favor. You’ve given yourself an experience you’ll never forget.” Samantha Suman ’15


2) “Tiferet is like sabich. Sabich is like Tiferet.” Saman Hagigat ’16


3) “Tiferet is like an intro to college dorm life.” Leeat Elkayam ’15


4) “Tiferet is like joining a family. You become best friends with people you had never talked to before.” Michael Bick ‘16


5) “Tiferet is like building the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Putting forth effort with your fellow workers, and once its done, you will all see a view of the world that you have never seen before.” Ashley Khorsandi ’15


6) “Tiferet is like a turtle sitting upon a mountain of chocolate ~ Bliss.” Evan Mateen ’16


7)“Tiferet is like finding a long lost relative. You’ve never met them before, but it feels like you’ve known them forever.” Bella Emsallem ’15


8) “Tiferet is like living in a giant museum; You are able to see everything you’ve learned with your own eyes, which gives a whole new dimension to your experience.” Yonah BK ’16


9) “Tiferet is like creating a new family; made up of personal relationships between your peers, madrichim, core teachers, and most of all, between you and Israel.” Sammy Zucker ‘15


10) “Tiferet is like the best four months of your life” Adam Mokhtarzadeh ’16