Our top 5 viral videos

Sneezing pandas and chuckling babies will eventually get old. But until then, continue to spend your afternoons skipping between YouTube videos. So, when you finally get the “Bed Intruder Song” out of your head, check out our top 5 viral videos of the week.

1) Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

You’ve probably seen this one, but if not…

Marcel, voiced by SNL’s former doorbell salesman (http://www.hulu.com/watch/114927/saturday-night-live-new-doorbells) shows off her pet lint:


2) PS 22 Sings Kids by MGMT

Now we know what’s missing from Kol Echad: sassy children.



From the podcast, Radiolab’s episode about words.

Aww, just watch and follow along…


4) Kids dance to “Whip my hair”

You’ve seen nine-year old Willow Smith whip it real good; now watch her spicy peers dance to the headbanger.


5) Super Slow Motion

A tad faster than our average day…


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