The Ultimate Freshman Survival Guide


Lauren Pakravan

Staff Writer

Dear Freshman,

You walk down the Upper Lot steps on your first day and see the multicolored dolphin leaping out of a tree, and you’re probably wondering what’s that. You see Gary Weisserman as well as other staff greeting you at the top. You come down to the Milken Mart and see Fern, and Chava outside making fruit, but then you wonder, what now?

Here are some tips for surviving your Freshman year.

1. Take classes seriously because they do affect your GPA.

2. Don’t spend your free periods getting kicked out of the library.

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3. Try not to get on your teachers’ bad sides.

4. Meditation is the best spiritual practice to take because you get to nap in the morning.

5. Try not to get involved with drama.

6. Beware: you will dissect a rat in Biology.

7. Stay confident, but not too confident.

8. Don’t complain to upperclassmen about your classes because they won’t want to hear it.

9. Don’t let older students intimidate you.

10. Sit in your area because if you don’t, the other grades will get mad at you.

11. Study hard, but still have a social life.

12. Enjoy your freshman year.

Trust me, you will survive Freshman year!