A Warm Welcome to Mrs. Minasian


Samantha Suman



Please welcome one of Milken’s newest math teachers, Mrs. Lilit Minasian. Born and raised in Armenia, she was inspired to teach by her 4th-8th grade math teacher. Being told from a young age that she has the ability to teach, Minasian has been motivated to be the best teacher she can be.

“She was an amazing instructor, and I have done a lot of things in the way she has done in the class room,” Minasian said.

Upon moving to the states, Minasian has received a Bachelors in Mathematics from UC Irvine, and a MBA from the University of Pheonix. She previously taught at Mt. Clair College Prep School for eleven years, and Providence High School for three years.

While not teaching, Minasian enjoys spending her free time with her husband, Are, and their son, Anthony, who has just received a black belt in karate. She also loves to bake and cook. What’s her specialty? Cheesecake. One would think pie, but not this math teacher.