Tif Top Ten: Reasons to Go


Britt Jacobson

Spotlight Editor

This is the introductory article in a new series called Tif Top Ten. It will be a list published several times before the sophomore class leaves for Tiferet this year, and on a weekly basis once we are actually there. It will cover a broad range of topics and give everyone back home an idea of what’s going on in Israel. This first article will cover the many reasons why you should go.

10. It’s often described as “the best four months of your life.”


(Check back later for Tif Top Ten: Alumni Quotes)

9. You will see many special and spiritual places all over Israel.


8. You get to be independent for four months. It’s like going to college, in the middle of high school.


 7. Hummus. Need I say more?


6. Tif gives you the opportunity to not just learn about Israeli culture, but experience it firsthand. The markets, the aggressive drivers, the falafel – it’s great.


5. It’s a major plus on your resume when you apply to colleges. Schools love to see that you’ve lived independently.


4. You get to live with your best friends for a whole semester. This creates bonds in your grade that you’ll never forget. Plus, NO PARENTS! (Sorry Ema and Abba!)


3. Some of the most gorgeous beaches are in Israel. Turquoise water, soft sand…


2. You learn useful Hebrew phrases, without Neta. This will in turn impress your Hebrew teachers (aizeh wow).


1. You get to spend 4 months with me, Britt Jacobson. What else do you need?


All photos used in this article are courtesy of Evan Mateen ’16, a member of the Tiferet ’14 delegation.