Junioritis sweeps through Milken

credit to mhsbroadcaster

credit to mhsbroadcaster

Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer

It’s That Time of Year: Junioritis

credit from mhsbroadcaster
credit to mhsbroadcaster

WARNING: Many reports of severe cases of Junioritis are spreading rampant around the Milken campus.

Junioritis:  The inability to complete assignments or study for exams due to an overwhelming amount of work along with the mindset for summer vacation. This condition often leads to Senioritis.

Do you have one or more of the following symptoms?

1) Perpetual stress

2) Sleep deprivation

3) Ambivalent attitude towards school

4) Disinterest to complete assignments or study for exams

5) Feelings that you have no social life whatsoever

6) Mental breakdowns

7) Excessive crankiness

8) Caffeine is your best friend

Have you said any of the following to yourself?1

1) I have accepted the fact that I’m GOING to fail my ________ final and I’m perfectly ok with it.

2) I tried doing homework, and failed. Well, no, I did not exactly fail. I wrote the topic sentence for my first paragraph. That’s gotta count for something.

3) If I could stay at school a full day that would be a miracle.

4)  I just feel like skipping the whole day

5) My laziness and procrastination is getting out of control.

6) Not quite feeling the whole school thing today. Or this week for that matter.

7) I have no idea how I’m gonna make it through senior year when I’ve already given up on junior year.

If so, I am afraid you are likely suffering from a bad case of Junioritis. The good news (if it will make you feel any better) is that you are not alone. Junioritis affects the majority of Juniors in the Spring time. It is no wonder with all that pressure students feel when faced with grueling course loads, AP exams, SATs, ACTs, and everything else that consumes your limited time.

So what is the cure? Sorry, there is no magic pill to take. Just believe in yourself. You have worked hard throughout the most important year, so finish the final mile with a sprint. Again, have faith in the abilities that got you to this point and push through until summer vacation is officially upon you.

* Selected quotes taken from twitter under #junioritis.